Our new Music Video “Själafrid” is out and it´s featuring the mighty viking from Huskarlarna.

Check it out now!


Links to buy and listen to Eldfaerd: https://ditto.fm/skymningsland
A big thanks to the Mighty Vikings from Huskarlarna https://www.facebook.com/huskarlarna and Österhus Vänner https://osterhusvanner.se/ for the help and great support.
Also a big thanks to Medborgarskolan and HUB063.
Recording of Eldfaerd by Freija Henriksson Ahlström
Smoke assistant Malte Einebrant
Recording of Huskarlarna at Österhus by Glød and assistant Kvasth
Cutting by Kvasth and Glød
Production by @kvasthproduction
Music composed by Erik
Vocal arrangement by Kvasth
Lyrics by Anna-Karin E. Henriksson and Kvasth
Mixing & mastering by Erik at Worship Nothing Studios https://www.facebook.com/worshipnothi…
Logodesign by https://skulldive.de/

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